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The female mosquito laid her cold-hardy eggs last fall on moist soil or debris just above the water line in a location due to be watered by snow melt or spring rains. When the eggs are wet and the temperature is war enough, mosquito larvae emerge.

When spring arrives, female mosquitoes have one job, to get a blood meal in order to develop their eggs. Watch out, they are coming for you!

Let’s begin that source reduction sounds daunting, but it’s an extremely simple concept…just dump out the standing water and get rid of object and conditions that hold water. It is without a doubt the easiest, cheapest and only permanent way to control mosquitoes.

Here is your springtime mosquito chore list:

  • Look for standing water in buckets, tires, pools, boats, tarps, bird baths, children toys and anything else that will retain water long enough for mosquito larvae to develop (about 9 days). Remember, they only need one tablespoon of water!
  • Clean roof gutters of debris and make sure they flow well.
  • Adult mosquitoes hide and rest during the day, primarily in shady, dense, vegetation. Removing or thinning dense shrubbery, vines or foundation planting will cut back on adult mosquito daytime resting sites.
  • Screen windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from getting inside the home.
  • Switch to yellow bug light bulbs in outdoor light fixtures to reduce the number of flying insects around your home.

For homeowners in the Capital District and Adirondack region, Thomas Pest Services offers effective mosquito and tick control. This pest control service is designed to reduce the mosquito and tick populations on your property and to protect you, your family and pets from diseases spread by these pests.

To learn more about mosquito control in Albany and throughout our service area, please complete our online form. You can also give us a call at (518) 650-1684.

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