It's Spring - Do you have Ants in the House?

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Every spring do you get ants in the kitchen? We are already receiving calls from customers who are asking, if they can prevent ants or take a proactive approach. No one wants ants in their home and as the weather warms ants tend to show up. Preventing ants is just as important as knowing what to do when they decide to show up at your home.

Step 1: Identify your ant.

There are many types of ants found in the Albany, NY and surrounding areas. Carpenter ants are very prone to our area and not just a nuisance, but they damage wood as they build their nests causing great damage. The ants found in your kitchen and/or bathroom are small ants and more of a nuisance than anything.

Step 2: Prevent their entry.

  1. Make sure trees, bushes and other vegetation are trimmed backed, not touching the home.

  2. Make sure there are no cracks along the foundation.

  3. Make sure windows and doors are proper sealed along with proper screens.

  4. Take out the trash often. Cleaning the bottom of the garbage can is suggested too!

  5. Keep kitchen floors and surfaces clean of debris. Don’t forget your appliances too!

Step 3: Take Action!

If you have tried step one and two on your own and still have a problem with ants in the kitchen or home, contact your ant removal specialists. Avoid reaching for the nearest can of insect spray as it can sometimes make your ant problem worse!

As the weather warms up, do not worry about an ant infestation. Contact Thomas Pest Services who will address your ant problem quickly using the most up to date technologies to get rid of ants. Contact your Clifton Park NY and surrounding area ant removal specialist, whether it’s one ant, ten ants, piles of sawdust or other signs of ants. Contact Thomas Pest Services for a free inspection to get rid of the ants you are seeing, but prevent future ants too!

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