Integrated Pest Management And Your Business

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If you're reading this, you know that no business should live without pest management. Insects, rodents, and pest birds can ruin your reputation and spread illnesses you could be liable for. Pests belong in nature. Inside the walls of your business they are destructive to property and a danger to employees, clients and customers. Whether you have a facility with sensitive biological matter, or a property where general business is run, the right choice for pest control is Integrated Pest Management.

To promote a pest free environment, companies like Thomas Pest Services utilize modern Integrated Pest Management to make pests feel unwelcome in your building and on your property. Yes. It is actually possible to make pests choose to go away on their own. It requires understanding the habits and habitat preferences of a variety of pests and the implementation of exclusion methods.

Here are some exclusion methods you can use at your business, facility, or warehouse.

Insect exclusion. Keeping trash in bags, and trash bags in sealed containers, will reduce the production of insects. Proper sanitation is key to making your business uninviting to bugs. Dry and ventilated areas, with minimum clutter, is a less than desirable habit for many insects. Insects are drawn to light sources. Installing yellow insect resistant lighting can reduce flying insects, which will also reduce your spider population.

Rodent exclusion. There are many types of rodents, but just like insects, rodents are looking for food. If your food is sealed in hard plastic containers or stored in fully sealed cabinets rodents will move to an area that will provide what they are looking for. Putting wire mesh in downspouts and cutting back tree branches will prevent rodents from gaining access to your roofline.

Pest bird exclusion. Having spikes installed on your ledges, sills, and electrical wires, can deter pest birds from choosing to be around your facility. Hiding food sources will make your property less desirable and keep birds from roosting.

These are only a few examples of exclusion. When you partner with a company like Thomas Pest Services their licensed and certified professionals will catalog the pests in and around your business and outline a plan to use IPM methods to seal entry points, install exclusion modifications, and train you and your employees on how to maintain a pest free environment. If you live in the Albany area get your business plugged in today.

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