Inspection Yields over 2 Dozen Pest Control Related Violations

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The Florida Time Union reports, upon a routine inspection at Norwood Plaza Food Court, two dozen critical violations were noted. Warning: Do not eat before or after reading this.

Summary of findings:

  • Vegetables covered in mold in reach-in and walk-in coolers.

  • “Roach poop build-up” on “wall, pipes, along doors of walk in cooler and reach in cooler and freezer and fire extinguisher.”

  • Dead roaches: 20 on walk-in cooler and reach-in cooler gaskets; 35 under fryers; 20 in ice machine bin (not in use); 12 in warmers (not in use); 20 under walk-in cooler; and 7 in a sink with dirty dishes.

  • Live roaches: 25 in gasket of walk-in cooler; 1 on reach-in cooler door; 1 on walk-in cooler wall; 3 on shelf by soda syrup; 5 in sink with dirty dishes.

  • Rodent droppings: 36 inside single service item boxes; 40 on top of food storage; 40 on hot dog roller (not in use); 50 on floor by Coke refrigerator; 60 on front counter shelves; and 70 on floor under front counter.

  • Dead rodents: 1 under fryer and 1 under ice machine.

  • Live rodents: 1 in pot with grease.

  • Expired restaurant license.

Wow! These finds sure are appalling, I certainly would not be dining at the food court any time soon. Live rodents in a pot of grease, yuck!

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