Insects in Firewood

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A cool fall or winter day in the Capital Region can be cured with a warm, roaring fire. However, firewood brought inside the home can also bring firewood pests. Many insects feed and find shelter in wood, so bringing the wood inside also means inviting pests inside.

What Kinds of Insects Live in Firewood?

Beetles are commonly found under bark and inside the wood. After the wood has been cut, beetle larvae can emerge as long as two year after. Longhorned beetle larvae usually lives under the bark, in irregular tunnels. Boring beetle larvae make winding tunnels loaded with sawdust-like frass. Bark and ambrosia beetles typically infest freshly cut wood.

If firewood is still damp or stored in contact with the ground, it may attract a number of other insects. Carpenter ants and termites, both social insects, may make their homes in a pile of firewood.

Other general crawling insects that that migrate into wood from the ground include sowbugs, millipedes, centipedes, pillbugs, springtails, and bark lice.

Can Firewood Insects Damage My Home?

Insects in firewood will rarely damage your home. To reduce your risk against infestation, avoid storing firewood inside the home and make sure the wood is dry when bringing indoors. If you notice firewood pests inside, take the vacuum to remove them. Never treat firewood with chemicals! Burning the wood after can create a health and danger hazard.

Stop the Spread of Invasive Insects – Don't Move Firewood

Invasive insects, such as the Asian longhorned beetle and the emerald ash borer, can be transported to new areas in firewood, even locally here in Albany. These pests threaten our native trees, and every precaution should be taken to contain them. To prevent the spread, obtain your firewood locally, no more than 50 miles from its origin. If you are planning a camping trip away from home, don't bring your own firewood with you. Purchase wood from a local source near the camping area.

Tomorrow our blog will feature 10 Top Tips for Control of Firewood Insects.

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