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Not too far away in Buffalo, WGRZ reports, Erie County legislatures faced some tough choices in regards to the budget. One of the items to be cut from the budget was rodent control. After the budget faced criticism one of the programs restored was the rodent control program.

It is good to hear the rodent program was reconsidered because rodents are destructive pests. Rodents spread disease like Hantavirus, contaminate food and destroy property. The most common rodents we face in the Capital Region, Adirondacks and New York are Norway rats and house mice.

Hantavirus attacks the pulmonary system from droppings, urine and nesting materials. Usually it begins with flu-like symptoms and can lead to severe breathing difficulties and even death. Rodents gnaw on wires causing fires and destroy your property. This time of year, rodents are looking for food, warmth and shelter to spend the colder months, which is usually in our home or business. It is important to prevent their entry into your home.

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