How Your Home Attracts Spiders

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Here in the Capital Region of New York, spiders- while certainly present- are typically considered what we call an occasional invader. You might find that spiders have descended on your home, but they aren’t one of the true menaces that plague this area (we’re looking at you, squirrels), and the spiders that are native to this region are not the type that are cause for major safety concern. So why does it matter? Well, if you do find that you’re noticing an unusual amount of spiders in various parts of your home, an important question to consider is why they’re suddenly descending on your home. 


Why Your Home is Attracting Spiders  


There are a few reasons that a home might see an uptick in spider activity: 


1. Your Home Has Food

This is one of the biggest attractors, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. While obviously you don’t want to have the kind of insect presence that will draw in a group of spiders, they can act as an early warning system that you may have a more unsavory infestation on your hands - and spiders can actually be a part of the solution, because they’ll eat the invaders! What insects serve as arachnid food? It’s the kind that are usually actually a bigger nuisance than spiders themselves, like flies, roaches, moths, and earwigs.

2. Your Home Has Humid and Moist Environments

It’s no secret that spiders will usually take up residence in moist, humid areas: basements and garages because they often have moisture generating home appliances that create a humid environment, and attics because they are at the highest floor of the home, and usually bear the brunt of snowy and rainy conditions. Other pests that spiders eat are also attracted to moist environments, which makes them especially attractive. If your home has some especially humid spaces, spiders will be drawn to them.

3. Your Home Provides Shelter

Spiders, like all living creatures, seek out spaces that can provide warmth, food, and protection from the environment. If your home has a lot of nooks and crannies, or just places where spiders can hide away from people- spiders are actually pretty shy creatures-  it can become prime real estate for a spider colony. 


Do New York Spiders Pose a Threat? 

Like we talked about earlier, the spiders found in the capital region are usually not the type to fear. Frankly, the spiders we encounter around here are going to try and avoid humans as much as possible. Still, they can be a nuisance, and you probably don’t want your basement to become a web-filled spider den, and even non-poisonous spiders can bite - even if the actual result of these bites is medically insignificant. So no, they don’t pose a direct threat, but you may want to look into getting rid of if their numbers reach a level that is excessive, or  just aren’t comfortable sharing your home with a bunch of spiders.


Type of Spiders in the Capital Region

A majority of the spiders that reside in this region are essentially harmless, including:  

  • Wolf Spider 
  • Garden Spider
  • Sheet Web Spider
  • Daddy Long Legs 

There is one (and only one) spider native to New York that is moderately poisonous: yellow-sac spiders. Their bites can cause cramping and nausea, and are usually accompanied by a painful sore. These sores can take awhile to heal, but are by no means fatal. Still, if you encounter one of these spiders (pictured above) in your home, it’s best to contact a professional service to take care of the issue.

There is, however, one moderately poisonous spider that is present in New York; more on that later.


Looking To Treat a Spider Infestation? 

With the Thomas Pest Services Complete Care Plan, a whole range of different nuisance pests are included - and that includes spiders. This plan includes bi-monthly treatments of both the interior and exterior of homes, so whether it’s spiders in your basement or spiders in your garden, we have you covered year-round. Frequent treatments also make the chances of any sort of infestation making a comeback pretty unlikely, so you and your family can rest easy! 

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