How To Prevent Carpenter Ants In Albany

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Carpenter ants are an important part of the eco structure of the wilderness. They break down rotten trees and branches. However, they are not a pest any Albany homeowner wants on their property. A common misconception of carpenter ants is that they eat wood when in fact they do not eat it but rather destroy it. They are initially drawn to dead, wet wood and will form tunnels in it to create homes for their nests. The wood they invade can be part of the structure of your home, causing costly damage. Carpenter ants are not directly hazardous to people or animals. Once they are somewhat established they will begin searching for a food and water source. So, how do you know if the ants that are in your Albany home are carpenter ants? Here are a few signs that you may have a carpenter ant infestation:

  • Piles of ‘frass’ (Frass is the ‘sawdust’ discarded from digging tunnels)

  • Water damaged or moist wood may appear to be ‘hollowed out’

  • Tiny window like holes in wood

  • Dead or alive ants (¼” to ½” mostly black, or dark tan or mahogany)

If you see any sign of carpenter ants in your Albany home call Thomas Pest Services. Carpenter Ants are very destructive and can cost property owners thousands of dollars in damage.

There are a few simple steps you can take in making your property less attractive to these destructive pests, including:

  • Properly draining all water away from house by using gutters, splash blocks and in ground drainage systems

  • Cleaning and maintaining gutters and drainage systems of leaves and other debris

  • Allowing no water to be standing near structures

  • Fixing all leaks in plumbing inside and outside of structures

  • Fixing and maintaining all appliances to prevent future water leaks and moist wood

  • Keeping branches, twigs and other rotting wood picked up off of property

  • Sealing and repairing all exterior wall crevices and cracks including basement walls, doors, windows, roof openings, and around chimneys

  • Keeping all trash sealed in a proper container and stored away from structures and regularly removed from property

  • Keeping all food stored in airtight containers

  • Keeping a clean kitchen by promptly cleaning up spills and crumbs on countertops and washing dishes clean from food residue

Carpenter Ants can be a destructive nuisance. These insects pack a double punch; not only are they a nuisance like other ants by getting into your home, in your pantry, and on your kitchen counters, but they can also cause major destruction to the wood in your home. If these pests have already invaded your home and you are wondering how to get rid of carpenter ants now that they are a problem Thomas can help! Carpenter ant control is a huge task and one best left to the pros. We will work with you to remove any existing pest problems and help you form a prevention plan to protect your home for the future. For Albany pest control that can keep your home pest free, contact Thomas today!

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