How To Prepare For A Pest Free Thanksgiving

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There are plenty of unwanted guests looking for a place to spend the holidays. Not only is it the time of year when you see relatives you spend the rest of the year avoiding but it’s also the time of year when critters, insects and rodents are looking for a cozy place to spend their winter days. Cockroaches, mice, pantry pests and bed bugs are all out in full force. Cockroaches and mice can pose some serious health risks to you, your family and your guests by contaminating food surfaces, not to mention, they are pretty nasty creatures to come eye to eye with. Pantry pests can contaminate the food supply you’re feeding your guests and bed bugs are the gift that keeps on giving long after your guests have gone.

There are some things you can do to keep these pests out of your home this holiday season. First off, clean like your mother in law is coming to visit, (and it is the holidays, she very well might be). Make sure the countertops are wiped down, the floors are swept and mopped, the trash is taken out regularly and there are no dirty dishes in the sink. You should also store any food you can in airtight containers. Your house isn’t the only place you should tidy up; make sure shrubs and branches in your yard are trimmed (especially near the entrance of your home), make sure any trash or recyclables stored outside are in covered containers as far from your home as possible and are not left filled for long periods of time. Wood should also be stored more than 20 feet from your home. You should also take some time to check your home inside and out for any holes or cracks that pests could get in through. Keep in mind a mouse only needs a ¼ inch hole to get in and insects can squeeze through even tighter spaces. Seal up any holes or cracks that you can.

If you are traveling for the holidays (or have guests traveling to see you), there are some steps you can take to try to prevent bed bugs. First, keep plastic bags in your vehicle so when you’re traveling to and from any bed bugs that are on your luggage are contained until you can clean thoroughly. Wash all clothing in the hottest water you can when you get back from your trip or when traveling guests arrive. If you’re staying in a hotel, keep your luggage off of the floor (preferably in the bathroom) and use a flashlight to inspect mattresses for bed bugs. Be vigilant after you get back or after guests leave to keep an eye out for bites or other signs of bed bugs, such as discarded skins or copper spots on your sheets.

If you need help preventing pests this holiday season or you think you have a pest problem, you should contact a professional right away. They know what signs to look for, the best practices to deter pests and they know how to safely and effectively eliminate them. Trying to eliminate a pest problem on your own can not only be costly but can be practically useless depending on the pest. Hiring a professional can save you a lot of time, money and headache in the long run.

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