How To Keep Boxelder Bugs Away?

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What comes to mind when you hear the name "boxelder bug?" Do you think of old bugs that live in boxes? Perhaps you picture an elderly man wearing boxing gloves? Well, the truth is, these bugs get their name from the kind of trees they inhabit, namely, boxelder trees. And they look nothing like boxers. In fact, they are about 10 mm long and have jet black bodies with brilliant red markings. If you see one boxelder bug, you may think it is quite pretty. But, if they have invaded your home by the thousands, it can be quite disturbing.
Since these are cold-blooded creatures, they tend to invade houses in the fall when temperatures begin to drop. This is to keep them from freezing. Here are some steps that help to keep boxelder bugs from getting in:
  • Carefully inspect all your door and window screens for rips, holes or tears. Replace or repair any damaged screens that you find, as windows and doors are the most common entry points for these bugs.

  • Make sure there are no gaps around your windows and doors. Replace any worn weather stripping. These bugs can squeeze through the tiniest of holes.

  • Closely examine the outside of your home for gaps or cracks. Use a caulking gun to seal any holes you find in your foundation, walls or roof area. Don't forget to look at areas around where wires, pipes, or other objects enter your home.

  • Fill in areas on the outside of your home where different materials meet, such as stone and wood, or brick and wood.

  • Consider removing any boxelder trees from your property. If you do choose to plant boxelder trees in your yard, make sure to choose male trees since female boxelder trees are more susceptible to boxelder bug infestations.

If boxelder bugs have already gotten into your home, it is time to call a professional. The above steps will not get them out. They will only work to seal these pests in. And, getting rid of overwintering pests, like the boxelder bug, requires a specialized education and proper equipment.  
Here at Thomas Pest Services, our certified pest technicians have the knowledge and experience to effectively eliminate and exclude boxelder bugs. In fact, we offer comprehensive pest control solutions that are backed by three generations of experience! That means you can trust us to take care of any pests you're dealing with, whether it be cold blooded, such as boxelder bugs, or warm-blooded, such as rodents and wildlife.
Don't allow household pests to ruin your spring and summer. Let Thomas Pest Services help you keep your home pest-free.

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