How to Get Rid of Insects in Your Car and Prevent Them

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If you’re like most people, you probably hate finding you have an insect problem in your car. When spiders, ants, beetles and other insects make a home in your vehicle, it can become a major nuisance to you and your family. Worse yet, is when the presence of insects invites small animals to try to get into your vehicle, too. We usually don’t notice too often unless they die in our car and give off a horrible odor!

So what can you do to keep those little pests out of your car? Follow these simple tips avoid insects in your car and get rid of insects in your car:

  • Keep it Clean! -Be sure to keep your vehicle clean on a regular basis. This is the best way to deter bugs from making themselves at home.
  • Vacuum – Make sure to keep your carpets and mats super clean! If you have a weak vacuum, use the pay-per-use vacuums at your gas station or car wash.
  • Vinegar, Lemon and Vanilla! Oh my! – Making a solution of vinegar and lemon or vanilla is a great way to keep bugs and spiders out because they don’t like the smells. Just wipe your surfaces with this quick fix. There are other herbs that also turn away unwanted visitors, such as eucalyptus.

These tips will aid in deterring insects from call home in your car. During the colder months, it is not uncommon to find rodents in cars. If you do have a larger pest in your vehicle like mice take action immediately as rodents can eat car wires creating an even larger problem.

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