How To Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs From Your Next Family Vacation

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With the warm weather finally upon us, don’t you feel like packing the family up and heading on a little vacation? You’re not alone! Spring is a great time to travel and see different parts of the world! But before you head off on your next family vacation, we’d like to remind you that even though you may enjoy traveling to places all over the world, so do bed bugs. These pests can be picked up in any public place but it is common for people to accidentally pick up bed bugs while traveling. What’s the best way to avoid picking up bed bugs on your next trip? Here are some helpful tips from the Albany pest control professionals at Thomas Pest Services.

  • Pack your belongings in a hard-sided suitcase. These types of suitcases are harder for bed bugs to enter.

  • Bring a small flashlight and magnifying glass with you to your hotel room. Before you bring in your belongings, inspect the room carefully for signs of bed bugs. These signs can include reddish brown spots on bedding or the mattress, shed bed bug skins and in heavily infested areas you may notice the musky scent of over-ripened raspberries.

  • When in your hotel room, store your suitcase on a luggage stand; only open it when you need to pull an item out. If there is no luggage stand, keep your suitcase in the tub.

  • Do not store your belongings in the dressers provided in your hotel room. You have NO idea what could be hiding in there!

  • If you suspect bed bugs in your room, ask the management to move you to a different room that is far from your current room.

  • Before you head home, coordinate with a pest control pro to inspect your suitcases and belongings for bed bugs before bringing your luggage into your house.

These tips can help you avoid picking up bed bugs on your spring travels. Knowing what bed bugs look like can also be helpful, so make sure you check out our bed bug identification page. You can take a peek at this pest right here! If you think you may already have a bed bug problem, this is not the kind of pest problem you can just brush under the rug. Bed bugs are a serious pest problem that will only become worse if left unaddressed. Contact the Albany bed bug control professionals at Thomas for a bed bug inspection to help you identify any and all infested areas. Our professionals can also offer effective bed bug treatment options for you, including Protect-a-Bed mattress encasements, Climbup® Insect Interceptors and bed bug heat treatments. Give us a call in Albany to learn more about our bed bug control services and to schedule your first inspection with our trained and experienced bed bug specialists.

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