How Does Mosquito & Tick Control Work?

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At first, it’s only one here and there, then a few more, then herds and swarms, and before you know it, your yard is completely taken over. Mosquitoes and ticks are one of the most common spring pests, and unfortunately, the deeper we get into spring, the more there are. Not only are ticks and mosquitoes annoying, they are very dangerous. With each imposing its own set of threats, getting rid of mosquitoes and ticks is extremely important.

Mosquitoes: You all know mosquitoes for the itching red bites they leave and their annoying buzzing as they fly close to your ears, trying to find a good place to land. But, did you know that aside from that, mosquitoes are linked to life-changing diseases? It’s true! Mosquitoes are linked to the Zika virus, malaria, chikungunya, West Nile virus and many more! A female mosquito feeds on blood, and when it latches on, it can potentially transmit these diseases, making these small pests a large problem!

Ticks: One of the major issues with ticks is not only that they are a danger to you and your family, they are equally as dangerous to your pets. A tick bite could result in a variety of different illnesses. The most notable disease that ticks transmit is Lyme. Lyme disease, which has been reported in all 50 states, can cause extreme fatigue, pain, and discomfort. Should you find a tick on you, your family or pets, immediately have it tested for Lyme disease.

Quite possibly one of the worst things about ticks and mosquitoes is that they come from everywhere! Getting rid of them completely can be a near impossibility, though making a substantial impact in their presence is not. By alleviating standing water sources, which mosquitoes need to breed, you can minimize the threat, making your warmer seasons much more enjoyable. When it comes to both ticks and mosquitoes, long clothing that is tucked in at the ankles and wrists can be very helpful in keeping these bugs off your skin. Using repellents like DEET and permethrin can help substantially as well. Also, remember to keep trees and shrubs cut back from the house to make access to your home a bit harder.

With the improving weather, the chances are that you will run into both of these pests sooner or later. Thomas Pest Services can help! With our mosquito and tick control, we will identify the areas in which ticks and mosquitoes thrive. After identifying where they are coming from, how they are getting in, and why they are there, we will recommend methods to eliminate prime pest habitats. Then, using an organic product, we can treat structures and vegetation accordingly. If you have questions or would like a free estimate, call Thomas Pest Services today!

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