How do you know if you have squirrels?

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You hear a lot about rodents like mice invading Capital Region structures this time of year, but there is a troublesome wildlife animal, the gray squirrel too! Gray squirrels can be commonly found in many backyards, especially neighborhoods with abundant trees. However, as much as they provide viewing pleasure, they can cause far worse problems if they navigate their way inside your structure.

How do you know if you have squirrels?

Noise: Gray squirrels typically are most active in the early mornings and late afternoons.

Droppings: Squirrel droppings are approximately the size of a dried bean with rounded ends.  Squirrels urinate almost constantly as they move around. Their urine contains pheromones which signals other squirrels, so proper squirrel cleanup is a must! Contact a professional to clean up after squirrels (droppings must be handled properly) so you do not signal a welcome party to the rest of the neighborhood squirrels.

Damage: One of the most commons calls we receive is for a noise in the attic, which is often squirrels in an attic. Inspect for holes and openings under eaves and where wires enter the house. Trapping to remove the squirrels is the first step, then exclusion (squirrel prevention) to prevent their re-entry. It is important to trim tree branches to prevent squirrels easy access to the roof.

There is nothing more annoying or frustrating than listening to noises coming from your attic. Do not let the battle between you and the squirrels continue any longer than it should by contacting your Clifton Park squirrel removal specialists. Remember, the longer squirrels are allowed to the play, there is the risk for damage and increased health risks.   

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