How Cockroaches Get Inside New York Homes In Winter

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Cockroaches are resourceful pests that can become a real nuisance for New York homeowners. As you are going about preparing for the holiday’s, the last thing you want to encounter is unexpected guests in the form of cockroaches. There are a variety of ways that cockroaches get inside homes in the winter, from the obvious to the downright jaw-dropping. Cockroaches typically use common entry points. This fact gives you an advantage when trying to prevent them. It’s never a bad idea to consider professional pest control when trying to keep cockroaches out of your home this holiday season.

Common Points of Entry for Cockroaches

Knowing that cockroaches like dirty things, such as trash and sewers, it’s probably not surprising that they can get into Capital District homes through your pipes and even your toilet. They will also come in right through the front door. They will enter through gaps under doors and around windows. Cockroaches like to stash themselves away in crates and boxes and you can accidentally carry them right into your house from the grocery store! Also, beware of package deliveries as cockroaches can stow away in them.

Increased Presence of Cockroaches Over the Holiday’s

The activity of the holiday season can contribute to the increase and spread of cockroach infestations. Consider these factors:

  • Buying in bulk for cooking and baking means an increase in carrying in potentially cockroach-containing boxes and bags
  • Guests to your home may accidentally bring cockroaches in their belongings
  • Gifts sent to your home may have cockroaches in the packaging
  • An increase in food and meal prep, leftovers, and trash leads to plentiful food sources
  • It’s generally cold during the holidays and cockroaches are attracted to warmth.

Sealing Your Albany-Area Home to Keep Cockroaches Out

There are a few preventative measures you can take to try to keep cockroaches out. Go low and inspect all around the outside of your home, looking for cracks or openings that can allow cockroaches in, and get them fixed or temporarily use caulk or steel wool to deter them. Install door sweeps on all doors to eliminate under-door cracks and caulk around windows and repair any damaged screens. Most importantly check around pipes under sinks and close off any areas where cockroaches might easily travel along the pipes between homes or apartments.

Many times, DIY cockroach control methods just don’t work. You need the professionals. Our team of professionals at Thomas Pest Services can help you maintain a cockroach-free home this holiday season. Call us today to prevent or remove a cockroach infestation.

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