Home Repair And Pest Control Go Together

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If you've spent any time checking out the services we offer, you probably know that we employ skilled carpenters and offer repair services as well. Now, that may seem like a stretch, but in our effort to provide excellent pest control for our customers, we quickly realized that home repair and pest control go together.

When most people think of pest control they think of someone coming to their home and spraying chemicals everywhere, but chemical treatments are actually one of the last tools in our tool kit. We seek first to exclude pests with natural methods. If we can keep those pests out by sealing cracks in your foundation and repairing holes in your exterior walls, that is the best way to go. Sure, pest control products are sometimes needed for pernicious pests like cockroaches or when a home has vulnerable areas due to age, but in the battle to keep pests out, sealing physical entry points is always our first course of action.

Home modification is the most effective and Eco-friendly pest control solution available, but it must be done properly to be effective. That is why we employ skilled craftsmen who are also educated in pest control techniques by our on-staff entomologists. It is the perfect mix of expertise, experience, and book smarts.

When you have skilled craftsmen on your payroll, it only makes sense to keep them busy. That is why Thomas Pest Services provides repair services. We'll take care of the pest-related carpentry jobs like reinforcing your eaves, fixing holes where pests have chewed or water has caused rot, making sure your gutters are properly channeling water away from your home, and installing important pest control deterrents like doors sweeps, chimney caps, and pest insulation in your attic spaces. Our skilled crew will make sure those pests do not stand a chance at getting in your home!

When you need the best pest control available, you can trust Thomas Pest Control, but don't be afraid to trust us with those home repair projects too. Home repair and pest control go together, and at Thomas, we work hard to be the best at both.


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