Holiday Bed Bug Prevention For Albany Residents

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The holidays are upon us, and there are so many things to do to get ready. Whether it is preparing to go away or preparing to host festivities at your own Albany residence. In either case, you will want to be prepared for the risk of bed bugs since they are easily spread over the holidays.
Bed bugs are ready travelers that can hitchhike from place to place on clothing, shoes, coats, luggage, and other personal items. It is possible to pick them up in public places such as hotels, cabs, buses, trains, transportation stations, theaters, libraries, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. You can also pick them up in private homes that you are visiting. One thing is sure, you do not want bed bugs infesting your home and, if they do, you will need to take action right away to get rid of them and prevent them from returning.
These small parasites are flat oval-shaped pests that grow to be about ¼” in length. They are usually brown in color but will turn reddish once they have fed on a host. Bed bugs require blood to breed, and when they feed, they can leave behind “bite” marks. These marks are usually found in groups on hands, neck, face, arms, legs, and shoulders. They can form a zigzag pattern, and they can be red, raised, and itchy for some people, depending on their sensitivity to bed bugs’ saliva and anticoagulant substance that they inject.
When you travel, be vigilant about checking for bed bugs in public places that you are visiting. Pack all of your clothing and belongings in large sealable bags, and keep your luggage, clothing, and personal belongings off of the floor whenever possible. Do not place anything inside the drawers or night stands when staying overnight in hotels, motels, or inns. When you return home, be sure to check all of your items and clean them thoroughly, washing on high-heat temperatures, as soon as possible.
When hosting for the holidays, hang all of your guests' coats in an empty closet by the door. Offer a rack or table for overnight guests to place their luggage on. Do a careful inspection of rooms that guests have slept in as soon as possible, clean the room thoroughly, wash bedding in hot water, and pay close attention to seams and edges of mattresses and other furniture.
Bed bugs are really difficult to prevent and hard to get rid of, that is why it is recommended that you seek the services of a professional pest control company like Thomas Pest Services. We are equipped to take care of bed bug infestations big or small in an efficient and effective manner. If you would like more information about our bed bug and other pest control services, give us a call today at Thomas Pest Services.

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