Hoarding: Buried Alive

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On the Dec. 28 episode of TLC's "Hoarding: Buried Alive," viewers met Sherry, a woman who's coped with depression and the loss of her mother by not coping with the growing mess in her own home. It's driven her husband out of the house and provided the perfect environment for a slew of creepy crawly tenants.

The insects were, in fact, skittering across surfaces throughout the house. An open can of food in the kitchen alone was filled three inches deep with roaches. Even the refrigerator, or what one exterminator called "an incubator," was packed with them.

And as it turned out, unbeknownst to Sherry, roaches weren't her only pest problem. Hidden beneath trash on her kitchen floor, exterminators found a nest of black widow spiders.

"I'm really concerned about the safety of you and your kids in that house," a psychologist warned Sherry after the spider discovery. "This is a really disturbing environment. It's not safe.


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