Happy Father's Day

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As Father's Day approaches this weekend, we wanted to take a moment and acknowledge all the fathers in and around the Capital Region.

Browsing the web this morning, we came across male animal names. Check out our list: 

Animal Male Name Female Name
Alligator bull  
Ant   queen
Ass jack, jackass jenny
Bear boar or he-bear sow or she-bear
Bee drone queen or queen-bee
Camel bull cow
Caribou bull, stag or hart cow or doe
Cat tom, tomcat, gib tabby or queen
Chicken rooster, cock, stag hen, partlet or biddy
Cougar tom or lion lioness, she-lion or pantheress
Coyote dog bitch
Deer buck or stag doe
Fox fox, dog-fox or stag vixen, bitch or she-fox
Giraffe bull cow
Goat buck, billy, billie-goat, he-goat she-goat, nanny, nannie or nannie-goat
Goose gander or stag goose or dame
Guinea Pig boar  
Horse stallion, stag, horse stud, stable horse, sire or rig mare or dam
Impala ram ewe
Kangaroo buck doe
Leopard leopard leopardess
Lion lion or tom lioness or she-lion
Lobster cock hen
Manatee bull cow
Mink boar sow
Moose bull cow
Mule stallion or jackass she-ass or more
Ostrich cock hen
Otter dog bitch
Owl   jenny or howlet
Ox ox, beef, steer or bullock cow or beef
Partridge cock hen
Peacock peacock peahen
Pigeon cock hen
Quail cock hen
Rabbit buck doe
Reindeer buck doe
Robin cock  
Seal bull cow
Sheep buck, ram, male-sheep or mutton ewe or dam
Skunk boar  
Swan cob pen
Termite king queen
Tiger tiger tigeress
Turkey gobbler or tom hen
Walrus bull cow
Whale bull cow
Woodchuck he-chuck she-chuck
Wren   jenny or jenny wren
Zebra stallion mare

Interesting, right? Have a right weekend, if Thomas Pest Services can assist you at all, give us a shout!

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