Happy Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day! Today and every day Thomas Pest Services practices sustainability. Check out the list below from United Building Maintenance for 24 things to do in honor of the day that brought attention to giving back to the environment, instead of just taking.

1) Buy an E-Reader.

2) Walk around your town or city and pick up trash.Green Pest Control

3) Plant a tree.

4) Start a compost pile.

5) Prepare the ground to plant a garden so you can use your compost pile.

6) Watch the sunrise or sunset.

7) Take a walk on the beach.

8) Take a hike in the woods.

9) Ride your bike or walk to work.

10) Pledge to start recycling.

11) Go bird watching.

12) Take a photo of nature.

13) Eat one of your meals outside.

14) Wear a flower in your hair.

15) Attend a local Earth Day celebration.

16) Buy some reusable shopping bags.

17) Join your local free cycle to pass items instead of throwing them away.

18) Swap out your light bulbs with energy efficient ones.

19) Don't use any appliances for the day.

20) Collect hazardous materials like paint and batteries and dispose of them away.

21) Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

22) Dance in the rain.

23) Watch an environmental themed movie like "Avatar" or Disney's series "Planet Earth".

24) Get involved with your local environmental group.

Simple things, such as asking young children to use less paper to dry their hands or asking work colleagues to turn the lights off when they leave the office at night are great "small starters" to encourage bigger changes. You don't need to feel that you haven't time to contribute; every little changed habit that benefits the environment adds up and you are setting a good example to others.

Thomas Pest Services proudly offers the green pest control solutions. Thomas Pest Services finds green pest control in Saratoga to be effective, safe around children, safe around pets, safe around birds/wildlife and safe for groundwater using environmentally friendly ingredients. If someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma or there are young children, pets, pregnant female or elderly, green pest control in Valatie may be a good fit. Using nature’s ingredients, Thomas Pest Services can provide you with the security knowing the materials used in and around your property are derived from the environment. Choosing an local, family owned pest management company in the Clifton Park area is an easy decision when you choose Thomas Pest Services, just like choosing an effective, low risk option to rid your insect problems.

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