Gutter Problems In New York?

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There are a lot of things that can damage your New York home: the sun slowly fades your paint and dries out your wood, the wind searches for pockets to get its fingers in and pry loose things off, snow layers itself on roofs and builds up to several, very heavy feet, that apply pressure to the interior structure, and the list goes on and on. Whoever said, "Time heals all wounds," was definitely not talking about your home. Time is only going to eat away at your home. And, one of the most significant ways it will do this is through faulty gutters.

You probably already know this, but your gutters are on your house for a reason. Those gutters keep water from running down your walls. Why? Because when water runs down your walls, all sorts of bad things can happen.

  • When water gets into the seams around your windows, it can find its way into your wall voids. This causes wood to rot and mold, mildew, and fungus to grow. These can lead to horrible and mysterious sickness in your home.

  • When water finds its way into soffits, it can cause wood to rot and expose your home to pest invasion, and even more water damage.

  • When water runs down your exterior cellar walls, it can allow fungus, algae, and moss to form. These can spread to the wood of your home. It can also lead to a flooded basement and damage to your oil furnace or other important items.

  • When water pools around your foundation, it can cause wood to rot near the ground and lead to bugs and wildlife chewing their way in. This can damage your house, lead to illness for your family and pets, or unwanted bites.

At Thomas Pest Services, we are always looking at advancements in pest technologies, and we've come across an incredible product called LeafDefier® that addresses both pests and water damage issues. This system prevents debris from clogging your gutters and makes sure water flows through your gutter system and out your downspouts. It also works to prevent UV damage from the sun, which can cause gutters to dry out and break. Plus, it is practically invisible.

Are you tired of climbing ladders and cleaning leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your gutters? Would you like to avoid the cost of having your gutters replaced when they dry out by the sun? Do you want to know that your gutters will always work, even during inclement weather? LeafDefier® service from Thomas Pest Services is the right choice.

You have invested a lot into your home. Protecting your gutter system is an important way to protect that investment. Get a free estimate and find out if LeafDefier® is right for your home.

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