Ground Hogs Do More Than Predict The Weather

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If you have a ground hog living under your shed or outbuilding, no one needs to tell you that they do more than predict the weather. These furry little bandits can pose quite a threat to your garden. They chew on leafy vegetation, eat exposed vegetables and fruit, and can make your sunflower plants look like a deforestation site. It is enough to make you want to do something drastic, like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day or Caddyshack. But driving off a cliff in a pickup truck and blowing up half a golf course isn't the answer.

DIY Ground Hog Control

If you search online, you can probably find a ton of self-help articles on ground hog control. But you might be setting yourself up for even more frustration. Clever ideas like planting a second less valuable, easier-to-access garden, or annoying them until they go away then filling the hole, both pose one major problem, the groundhog doesn't truly go away. Even if you fence off your garden, they will just dig under, chew through, or climb over to get to your tasty tomatoes. Also, if you shoo them out of one hole and fill it in, what's preventing them from digging a new hole? It is never a good idea to live with a wild animal on your property. Even something as seemingly harmless a ground hog can present a rabies threat and endanger your family by bringing ticks, flies, mites and lice onto your property.

Wildlife Removal

A better option is to have the ground hog removed. Thomas Pest Services offers effective and humane wildlife trap-and-release services that will relocate your unwanted guest. With the animal removed from your property, your garden, and your family will be safer. We also have several options of exclusion installations that keep ground hogs from using your shed or outbuilding in the future.

Wildlife control is more than trapping and exclusion. Your Thomas wildlife removal technician is also trained in modern Integrated Pest Management. They will be able to guide you in the many smart and Eco-friendly techniques that help to resist pest animals, like effective control of food and water sources, and lawn care methods that resist wildlife.

If you're fighting ground hogs on your New York property, give us a call. When you partner with Thomas Pest Control, know that you're not going to get a band-aid for your problem, but a long lasting solution.


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