Got Squirrels? 6 Signs They've Come Inside

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squirrel found in the basement of a new york home

In late fall and winter, it is not uncommon for a squirrel to take up residence in human dwellings--usually the attic--because they are good climbers. Are you wondering if you have one in yours? Well you're in luck! I've compiled six signs on how you can tell if a squirrel has decided to make your attic its nest.

Sign #1: Noises

If you hear noises coming from your attic, it is either something blowing in the wind or a critter that has come to roost. There are many creatures that can inhabit attic spaces, among them are bats, raccoons, mice, rats, birds, and squirrels. So, how do you determine if it is a squirrel? Squirrels are a rather large rodent, so they make more noise than a mouse or rat, and since they are more active in the day, you will likely hear them first thing in the morning or in the evening.

Sign #2: The smell

If you have squirrels in your attic, it won't take long for you to notice the smell of their urine seeping down into the rest of the house. It is strong and nasty. But nastier than this is the smell of a dead squirrel. This can happen if a squirrel gets trapped and dies, or if their babies die.

Sign #3: You find a hole

Squirrels are rodents. That means they will chew, especially in high places like the roofline. If you have tree branches that hang over or near your exterior walls, squirrels can get onto your roof. Look for their entry holes.

Sign #4: Excrement

If you do a search of your roof or attic spaces, you may find droppings. Identification of excrement is not an easy task, but you are basically looking for droppings that are ⅜ to ½ inch oblong shape that is rounded on both ends. Fresh droppings will appear dark brown and get lighter grey the older they get.

Sign #5: Tracks

Lay down cardboard slabs with sprinkled flour near entry points or places you think the creature will pass by as it goes out to forage. Squirrels tracks look similar to the skeleton outline of a human hand. The front paws will be shorter and have only four toes.

Sign #6: A nest 

If you look inside your attic and find a big, messy, loosely constructed structure made of bits of bark, vines, leaves, and twigs, you've found a squirrel's nest. You'll also find materials foraged from your home, like insulation, paper and wood products.

If you find a squirrel in your home, do not try to remove this animal on your own. Squirrels can do a lot of damage to you and your home if they feel trapped or if they are protecting their young. Call a pest control company to safely relocate these animals and seal your attic from future infestation.

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