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Having a skunk stinks, figuratively, and literally. It is seriously un fun to have a skunk living under your home or shed. These creatures come with a horrible stench that can permeate every nook and cranny of a house, even to the rafters. But, if you think that stinks, wait till you hear some of the other dangers these little stinkers can pose.

Skunks bite. If you just rolled your eyes, we understand. There is hardly a less intimidating creature on the planet. But it isn't that they bite that is scary. It is that when they bite, it is usually because they have rabies. A healthy skunk is more likely to spray and run. But when a skunk contracts the rabies virus, it can become unpredictable, and aggressive. If you get bitten by a skunk, it is vital that the skunk is captured and sent for testing. Rabies is a dangerous and potentially deadly disease.

Parasites. Like all animals, skunks travel through wooded areas and pick up parasites like ticks, fleas, lice, and mites. When they walk through your yard or get into your home they can pass these parasites on to your pets or rodents that are living in your walls.

Disease. Beyond rabies, skunks can also spread leptospirosis, canine distemper, listeriosis, canine hepatitis, Q-fever, tularemia, and more. It is never good to have a wild animal living in or under your home.

Destruction. Skunks damage lawns by digging holes in search of grubs and other insects. They can also damage vegetable gardens and other plants. If you keep bees on your property, you will not want to have skunks around. They can damage beehives attempting to feed on bees.

Frustration. Skunks have a nasty habit of getting into trash cans. If you prefer to not have your garbage strewn all across your lawn, you're going to definitely want to get rid of skunks.

The spray. If you have pets or children, skunks can be a bomb waiting to explode. The next thing you know you're soaking a child or a pet in a tub full of tomato products, which, by the way, isn't the best way to clean skunk spray off. You'll have more success with a baking soda, liquid soap, and hydrogen peroxide solution.

Having a skunk stinks, in a whole lot of ways. Get rid of that skunk with wildlife control from Thomas Pest Services. Our wildlife specialists offer a complete and humane solution that will ensure the removal of the offending skunk, a decontamination of infested areas, and guidance on prevention methods to deter future infestation from occurring, and to make sure no threat remains.

When you have a skunk, you have more than a bad smell to worry about. Don't take any chances and get wildlife control you can trust, with Thomas Pest Services.

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