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The little brown bat and brown bat are the most common bats found in and around Albany and the northeast. Bats eat thousands of mosquitoes and other flying insects in a single night. Thomas Pest Services offers bat removal and exclusion services in an environmentally friendly manner.

Do not attempt to handle a bat under any circumstances. If provoked or threatened, just like any other animal, bats will defend themselves, typically by biting. In general, bats are not dangerous animals and are very beneficial to our environment, so harming or killing these animals is wrong and unnecessary.

1. Removal of bats in structures using one way doors, bat netting and/or bat cones.

2. Bat guano (droppings) cleanup, including sanitizing and disposal. Use a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum cleaner to collect the droppings. Deodorizing and sanitizing the area can be offered as well along with removal and replacing the contaminated insulation.

3. Bat bug control can occur as a matter of course when controlling bats. Bat bugs, which are in the same genus as bed bugs, live near bats and feed on the blood of bats. They can also attach to and bite humans. Learn more about the difference between bed bugs and bat bugs in our past blog post on the subject.

4. Bat exclusion services are performed after the bats are removed from the interior of a structure to prevent them from re-entering. Bats can enter through openings as small as 3/8 x 1.25 inches, which is the size of a dime. Exclusion methods include foam sealer, silicone, caulk, copper mesh, hardware cloth, replacing siding, soffits, flashing and repairing chimneys.

5. Bat exclusion maintenance warranty provides customers with security. An annual inspection is performed to ensure there are no new entry points, perform any necessary maintenance and maintain the work performed.

We are seeing an increase in bat calls this winter. Bats are moving around inside looking for warmer quarters, or think the warmth means it is spring. They can move behind insulation or down into wall voids where homeowners sometimes hear squeaking and scratching sounds. It is important to contact your local Clifton Park bat removal specialist at the first signs of bats or wildlife animals in your home or attic. Attempting to get rid of bats and other mammals at your home is dangerous and should be left up to a wildlife and bat removal specialists. Thomas Pest Services offers bat removal services to Chatham, East Greenbush, Saratoga and surrounding areas throughout the Capital Region. Contact us for a free inspection to safely get rid of bats and other wildlife from your structure.

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