FTC Takes Action Against Unproven Bed Bug and Head Lice Treatments

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The Federal Trade Commission filed deceptive advertising charges against two marketers of remedies for bed bug infestations, who claimed they could prevent and eliminate infestations using natural ingredients, such as cinnamon and cedar oil. One marketer also allegedly made misleading claims that its products were effective against head lice.

In one of the two cases, RMB Group, LLC and its principals have agreed to settle the charges relating to their “Rest Easy” bed bug products. In the case Product tagline: Rest Easy – kills and repels bed bugs against Cedarcide Industries, Inc. and others, challenging their marketing of “Best Yet!” bed bug and head lice treatments, the defendants have not settled, and the FTC is beginning litigation against them.

Consumers plagued with bed bugs experience considerable stress, discomfort, and expense in attempting to rid themselves of these pests, and many are unaware of the complex measures needed to prevent and control them, according to the EPA. As children head back to school this fall, the FTC urges parents to carefully research products that claim to treat head lice infestations.

This is not the first time the Federal Trade Commission's Division of Enforcement has cracked down on pest control related devices and materials. Back in 2001, our blog post discusses ultrasonic pest-control devices. The companies selling these devices allegedly made false and unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of ultrasonic devices in controlling rodent and insect infestations.

When it comes to an insect or rodent issue, there are many different options and opinions. Some individuals feel they can tackle the problem on their own, while others simply contact a professional exterminator to solve their problem. Choosing between “do it yourself” and professional pest control, maybe of personal preference, but the answer should be well thought out.

Pest control products can be extremely harmful to people and pets.

Product labels are not followed. Read the instructions and follow them! Do not try to double the dosage or triple the amount – there is a reason they place instructions on the products.

Professionals understand how to solve your pest problem, while protecting the environment. Professionals understand how to use chemicals without damaging the environment.

Professionals understand how products and insect biology work together. This is important in reaching control.

Trying to solve the problem on your own can be costly. After attempting to treat on your own and then calling a professional is costing and timely. Contacting a local pest professional from the start would have been the best choice.

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