Why are Carpenter Ants so Challenging?

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ants found in a kitchen

Before we know it, ants will be marching indoors. There are many types of ants that invade Clifton Park NY and Capital Region homes including pavement ants, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, citronella ants and odorous house ants. Each ant has their unique characteristics, which affects the way to control ant populations.

Carpenter ants in particular, the ant we face most often is gearing up right now. As the temperatures begin to increase each day, they will begin to look for food to support their growing colony. Setting up their colony unfortunately takes place in our homes, reason for seeing big, large, black ants. Carpenter ants thrive with moisture in soft or rotted wood, so areas like sinks, dishwashers and roofs are common locations of carpenter ant nests.

Carpenter ants are a wood destroying insect like termites and powder post beetles, but do not eat wood like termites do. Instead, carpenter ants push the wood out of their way to build their nest. This is why you will find piles of sawdust material, called frass in areas where carpenter ants are excavating their nest. Carpenter ants are also black in color and are a quarter to half inch in length, have bent antennae and a sectioned body.

When you find ants in the house, especially five or more per a day, that indicates there is a nest located in doors. Most carpenter ants nest have a parent and satellite colony. The parent colony is located outside in a rotted tree or pile of lumber and the satellite nest is located indoors.

Getting rid of carpenter ants is not as easy as homeowners may think. Baits and over the counter products address the ants that are present, not the main nest. Carpenter ant nests need to be located to properly get rid of the ants. Once the nest is located, professionals have the tools and materials to properly treat the ants, but it can take time for the materials to travel throughout the nest (we usually ask you wait 28 days).

If you notice large black ants roaming around your home, you should immediately contact a pest control expert. Experts have the experience and knowledge necessary to quickly inspect your home, determine which species are damaging your home’s structure, and provide the proper treatment. At Thomas Pest Services, we have safe, easy, and effective solutions to treat either of these species through our carpenter ant control services.

For more information about carpenter ants and how we can help to control them around your home, contact us at Thomas Pest Services today!

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