Don’t Let Yellow Jackets Ruin Your Summer Fun

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Have you ever noticed that summer seems to be the shortest season? I mean seriously, winter seems to last at least ten times as long as summer; and spring, or should I say ‘mud season’, drags into eternity with all that cleaning and sweeping and washing. Or how about fall? This season seems to begin earlier each year and steals away those nice, warm summer days almost before you know it. Yes, the summer season sure is short, which is why you should not waste a moment of it. You should take advantage of every single second of that beautiful warm sunshine and the lush green of summer.

It’s true. Those luscious, lazy, hazy days may seem a bit uncomfortable when humidity levels rise, but what other season offers us the chance to kick back, relax, and enjoy life like summer does? There are no school bells to beat, no buses to catch, no band practice or basketball games or tuba lessons to rush off to. There are no snowstorms or icy roads or plow trucks at 5 a.m. There are just soft, gentle breezes and softly falling raindrops, and waves lapping the shoreline.. Ahhhh, isn’t summer great? Well, that is until the summer spell is broken as you step smack dab in the middle of a hornet’s nest.

Yellow Jackets can surely smack you with a reality check and bring you back from your summer daze in a hurry. And have you noticed that as summer progresses so do the number of yellow jackets that you see buzzing angrily about your yard? No, it’s not a dream, or should I say a nightmare! Yellow Jackets are truly at their peak numbers toward the end of August and into the beginning of fall and they truly are much more aggressive this time of year as well and here’s why.

Yellow Jackets are very social creatures. They have a kind of gang mentality – a sort of unwritten code of conduct – that states that if anything or anyone messes with one of the colony, well, you will be messing with them all. This is why a run-in with a single yellow jacket quickly turns into a running, screaming, swatting fight-for-your-life situation.

That one wrong step can turn into an all out war with a swarm of stinging insects before you even realize it. Not only will you be dealing with a swarm of stinging insects, but you will be dealing with a swarm of stinging insects that can sting over and over again. This can become a big problem in a real hurry even for those that are not typically ‘allergic’ to bee stings. The sheer numbers make it so. Each sting injects venom and it is not unheard of to receive anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of stings in one attack. That amount of venom can be a problem for anyone; and if you are one that is already allergic to this venom – well, I see red lights and sirens in your future.

Don’t let your summer fun be cut short by the wrath of these aggressive, angry insects. Protect yourself and your family with help from the trusted professionals here at Thomas Pest Services. Our trained and certified experts have the tools, education, and equipment to safely eliminate those yellow jackets and any other pests that may be a threat on your property. We offer one-time services or year-round protection from pests. Give us a call today and let us deal with your pest issues while you return to your amazing summer dream before the reality of fall closes in and another winter heating season begins.

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