Don't Let Ticks Ruin Your Fall Activities

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Fall is here! You might think the threat of ticks has diminished and that your family is safe from tick exposure. But, that is just not the case, because ticks can stay around for quite a while longer.

I don’t know about you and your family, but my family loves to be outdoors in the falls. We enjoy the crisp clean air day and night. It seems everything is more vibrant and the stars are even brighter at this time of year. At the same time, we need to remain diligent about our exposure to the ticks that lurk outside even as the weather gets colder.

Remember, the threat of ticks and tick-borne illness are still a concern well into the fall. Whether it be activities that involve the children playing in the woods, climbing up into a treehouse or jumping into a pile of leaves, we are still going to worry about the risks. Even as parents as we are cleaning up the yard and raking our property getting it ready for winter, we remain at risk for a tick bite. I know I still want to enjoy the time we take to sit around a fire pit in the evening as a family, looking up at the stars, roasting some hot dogs and making s’mores. However, the threat of ticks and tick-borne illness is still a problem and can put a damper on all of the fun.

There is a way to limit your family's exposure to ticks so that you can all enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities in the fall without the worry of a tick bite and tick-borne illness. If you want peace of mind you can call on us at Thomas Pest Services for an integrated approach to reducing the number of ticks in your yard and the risks of diseases from them! Who wouldn't want to fully enjoy their yard again without having to be concerned about the danger of ticks?

If you live in the Capital District and Adirondack Region of New York, you can call on our professional technicians at Thomas Pest Services. Our tick control experts can help reduce the tick population on your property by identifying areas where they thrive. They will then organically treat the plants, shrubs, and other areas that ticks are most attracted to.

At Thomas Pest Services, we are friendly and professional. You can count on us to protect you and your family from ticks and mosquitoes, by reducing populations and disrupt reproduction cycles. Call us today to find out more about all of our pest control services.

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