Do you have emerging flies?

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Do you have flies driving you crazy? It is not the normal house fly, but the cluster fly. If you notice, cluster flies are much more lethargic than house flies and fly around without a purpose. Cluster flies prefer to be outside in comparison to the house fly who wants to share your lunch with you.

What are cluster flies?

Cluster flies look similar to a house fly but are slightly larger and darker in color; they have distinct irregular light and dark areas on their abdomen and short gold colored hairs on their thorax. Cluster flies do not sting or bite and are not considered to be dangerous and are considered to be nuisance pests. They also do not spread as much bacteria as other flies because they do not lay their eggs in human food but rather near earthworm burrows.

So, why do you I cluster flies in my home?

As the temperatures begin to cool down in the fall, over wintering pests like cluster flies seek protection from the cold temperatures.  On warm days you will finds them on sunny sides of the home (often the south side) where the wall voids heat up along with the attic space. As the temperatures begin to warm up, cluster flies emerge trying to get back outside where they belong.

They lay their babies in the soil so when earthworms come up to look around, they can jump on the poor innocent things and devour them.

How do cluster flies get in my house?

Cluster flies gained access into your home through cracks and crevices so it is important to make sure all your screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps are in good condition. Once inside, cluster flies enjoy warmth and light. Cluster flies are known for bouncing off light fixtures.  Inside your home, they enjoy bashing their face against windows and bumping around in light fixtures. Another tips to prevent cluster flies from spending the winter with you is to replace white light bulbs with yellow light bulbs. Another way to make your home less attractive to cluster flies and other pests.  

How do I get rid of cluster flies?

Contacting a pest control company is the best means to reduce cluster flies in your home or on your property. Interior treatments performed from the inside will help reduce the amount of flies you see, but the best means of control takes place before the temperature begin to plummet. Do not forget about sealing your homes cracks and crevices, you can start that now!

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