Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Dangers

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In June, a Woodbury, N.J., homeowner managed to set his house on fire in the course of a do-it-yourself pest control effort to rid it of bed bugs. He was reportedly using a space heater, a hair dryer, and a heat gun in order to kill bed bugs in a room on the second floor.

“He went online, got some instructions,” said a neighbor; referring to one method pest management professionals (PMPs) use to rid a room of bed bugs by raising the heat to a point that kills them. PMPs, however, are extensively trained in bed bug extermination and other methods to ensure safety. Over the years there have been many instances in which homeowners have used “bug bombs” to rid a room or two of a particular pest only to have the volatile elements of the spray explode due to contact with an oven pilot light or some other source of flame.

“People commonly purchase an off-the-shelf pesticide,” says Leonard Douglen, executive director of the New Jersey Pest Management Association, “but many homeowners and apartment dwellers are disappointed with the results and end up calling a pest management firm. I’m biased, but most of the time, they should make that call first.”

“As often as people are told that pesticides are toxic chemicals,” says Douglen, “they still tend not to read the instructions or use them properly when they do. Pest management professionals (PMPs), licensed and certified by the State Department of Environmental Protection, receive extensive, on-going training.

With the arrival of summer, insects become more active. Below are tips against do-it-yourself pest control:

Fleas: There are a host of products available over the counter and applied by consumers. Like many pests, over time, insects build a resistance to chemicals and the result is a flea infestations in their homes and apartments, Douglen explains.” No matter how many "bug bombs" and flea products are purchased over the counter, professional assistance is required for complete flea removal.

Bed Bugs: “Bed bugs had virtually been eliminated as a household pest in the 1950s are the new plague,” said Douglen, “and they have become a major problem involving new techniques to deal with them, including dogs that are especially trained to find them. This is not an insect problem that can be eliminated without professional help.”

Ants and Roaches: Both of these pests have the ability to reproduce quickly. This summers combination of heat and moisture provides the perfect environment for these pests to thrive.

Stinging Insects: Whether barbecuing, mowing the lawn or enjoy the outdoors you are vulnerable to by yellow jackets, wasps, and other stinging insects. Often times homeowners choose a over the counter spray to solve the problem. This solution may get one or two, but not the colony. A professional has the knowledge to locate and fully eliminate the colony. It’s not worth getting stung either!

Tick and Mosquitoes. These disease carrying pests are active throughout the Albany NY area and pest management professionals like Thomas Pest Services can protect your family from being exposed to them.

When pests find their way indoors, homeowners are often tempted to try and control the pest problem on their own, but the truth is that most pests are better left to professionals. After all, pest professionals have the knowledge, tools and training to safely and properly eliminate pest infestations. No matter the type of pest, if you have an infestation that keeps coming back, it’s time to hire your local Clifton Park pest control company . More likely than not, there is an underlying cause that needs to be addressed before the problem can really be resolved..

Source: New Jersey Pest Management Association (NJPMA) warned consumers about the use of do-it-yourself pest control products.

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