DIY Bed Bug Treatments are a Bad Idea

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According to The Province  a mother trying to kill bed bugs in her Vancouver apartment used an imported pesticide that fatally poisoned her infant and left her other children critically ill.

The mother used a pesticide to fumigate her apartment last Tuesday that she brought back from Pakistan during a recent trip, said her sister. The family brought the bottle of pesticides to the hospital when the children fell ill. Unfortunately, one of the children, died in hospital that afternoon and the other children were reported to be in critical condition.

There are many reasons why you should leave treating bed bugs to a professional. Often times homeowners fail to treat bed bugs on their own because they do not have the understanding of how these pests survive and thrive in your home. If bed bugs become a problem for you, avoid searching the internet for do-it-yourself bed bug solutions, be informed by calling a bed bug removal professional.

Thomas Pest Services is proud to be the first full service pest control company in the Albany NY area to offer bed bug heat treatments, also known as bed bug thermal remediation. Heat has proven to the most effective weapon against bed bugs.

Why choose heat treatments for bed bugs?

-      Non-Toxic. Green, non-toxic treatment, 100% chemical free. 

-      Quick. In one day, bed bug infestations will be quickly and effectively removed.

-      Kills all bed bugs. Bed bug heating treatments kill all stages of bed bugs: egg, nymph and adult. 

What is the process for bed bug heat treatments?

Our Albany bed bug heat treatments are specifically designed to kill bed bugs. Heat moves through a structure with fans reaching a legal temperature of 130°F. High temperature fans move heat throughout rooms to access cracks and crevices and other highly populated bed bug areas. Through the use of wireless monitors, the temperature is monitored along with ensuring the safety of the structure.  

If you find bed bugs in your home or business, get a pest management company, like Thomas Pest Services, involved. With state-of-the-art equipment, an on-staff entomologist, and the Angie's list Super Service award under their belt, you'll know the job will be done discreetly and professionally. If you live in or around Albany NY, you're in good hands.

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