DIY Bed Bug Solutions

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There are a lot of great do-it-yourself articles and videos on the web. Do you know that you can take old pallets and turn them into beautiful furniture, like cabinets, tables, and stools? It is crazy the things people have used this throw-away wood for. They've turned pallets into plant pots, garden benches, polished wood floors, rustic walls, wine shelves, coffee tables, and decorative hutches. There are some absolutely amazing DIY projects out there, but if you've found bed bugs in your home, this is a DIY project you should definitely pass on. Here are some of the reasons DIY bed bug solutions will come back to bite you--quite literally.

  • Bed bug traps don't work, even if they work. What do we mean? If you are fortunate to come across a DIY video on how to trap bed bugs, and it actually works to capture these bugs, it isn't going to fix your problem. Those traps aren't going to draw all the bugs out. You're just going to be catching the bugs that have come out to search for a blood meal. So, unless your trap is incredible at making bed bugs go to it before they come to feed on you, you're going to continue to be bitten. You would also have to keep putting traps out and continue to empty them. Does this sound like any kind of solution?

  • Some people turn to pesticides as a DIY solution to their bed bug problem. Not only will pesticides not kill all the bed bugs living in your home, they can make you really sick. Why don't they work to kill all your bugs? For the same reason traps don't work. You'll kill some bugs with pesticides, but only the bugs that are out foraging. This means you'll have to continue to apply pesticides routinely and hope that you kill the bugs before they feed on you.

  • The biggest mistake you can make is to try a DIY heat treatment. Though it is true that heat is the number-one way to kill bed bugs, for many homeowners it has ended in disaster. There are news reports all across the country about folks burning their homes to the ground because of an improper heat treatment. But, for argument's sake, let's assume you purchase the right heaters, invest in sensors to monitor heat levels, and get the proper fans needed to push the heat to every corner of your home; it takes experience and education to corral these bugs and fully eradicate them. There is nothing worse than spending all that money and all that time only to end up with another infestation.

Don't trust your bed bug problem to a DIY project. When you hire Thomas Pest Services you know that you'll get an effective and safe treatment that will destroy all bed bugs in your home. Plus, your Thomas technician will evaluate your situation and work to determine how you got these bugs in the first place, so you can avoid any future infestations.

Don't let bed bug infestations come back to bite you. For professional help getting rid of these bugs for good, contact us today.

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