Disease Carrying Mosquitoes Found in NY

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New York residents are urged to take precautionary measures against mosquitoes after West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis were located in New York, according to WNYT. In Staten Island two human cases of West Nile virus were identified along with a horse in Oneida County. Eastern Equine Encephalitis was identified in Oswego and Chautauqua counties in 15 pools of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes, are more than a nuisance: They can spread diseases. In the U.S., the biggest mosquito-borne threat is West Nile virus. Last year, there were a record 286 West Nile deaths, according to Huffington Post. Worldwide outside the United States, mosquito-borne diseases kill far more people than sharks, snakes and bears combined, with more than 600,000 deaths from malaria each year in poorer countries.

Experts say it's been a buggier-than-normal summer in many places around the U.S. because of a combination of drought, heavy rain and heat. After dry summers, followed by heavy rain this year has had its effect on mosquito populations according to News 10. During dry spells, mosquito eggs often didn't get wet enough to hatch. This year's rain revived those, along with the normal 2013 batch.

There are many ways a homeowner can reduce the risks from mosquitoes:

  • Eliminate or reduce mosquito breeding sites by replacing all standing water at least once a week. This includes bird baths, ponds and swimming pools.

  • Remove unneeded vegetation or trash from around any standing water sources that cannot be changed, dumped or removed.

  • Introduce mosquito-eating fish such as gambusia, green sunfish, bluegills and minnows to standing water.

  • Screen windows, doors, and other openings with fine mesh, sealing around all screen edges and keeping doors and windows shut to prevent entry.

  • Avoid going outdoors when and where mosquitoes are most active: during dusk or dawn.

  • Use an insect repellent on exposed skin whenever and wherever mosquitoes are likely to bite. The most effective repellents currently available contain the active ingredient N,N-diethylbenzamide (DEET), in concentrations up to about 35% (greater concentrations don't offer better protection).

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long-legged pants, preferably treated with a repellent as well.

Although complete relief from mosquitoes is difficult; the tips above will help reduce mosquitoes in and around your property. Thomas Pest Services offers mosquito control for Clifton Park, Saratoga, Schenectady and throughout Thomas Pest Services’ service area. A combination of our mosquito service and eliminating harborage areas will reduce mosquito populations so you can take back your property. Learn more about getting rid of mosquitoes today!

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