Difference between Carpenter Bees and BumbleBees

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Often this time of year we get calls about customers having bumble bee problems, but they are really having carpenter bee problems. Carpenter bees and bumble bees both are similar in appearance, and both collect pollen to feed to their young, but their nesting sites and habits are different.

The difference between carpenter bees and bumblebees:

Carpenter Bees:

  • Black and shiny abdomen.
  • Hairless

Bumble Bees:

  • Fuzzy black abdomen with a yellow band.
  • The difference between carpenter bees and bumblebees nesting sites:

Carpenter Bees:

  • Nest in pairs.
  • Prefer soft, weathered, unpainted wood - a wood destroying insect.
  • Will nest in decks, soffits, facia, eaves and wood siding.
  • Drill perfect circular gallies where females lay their eggs.
  • Males are territorial and will guard the nesting site. Males will fly and buzz around your head, but not have a stinger.

Bumble Bees:

  • Live in a colony and are social.
  • Nest in old equipment, logs, sheds, building voids, abandoned rodent burrows and grow until late summer.
  • Male are not territorial and not threatened.

If you think carpenter bees have invaded your home, contact your local Saratoga pest control company right away. Carpenter bee problems should be treated by a professional to prevent further damage and prevent attracting pests, like woodpeckers. Carpenter bee treatments consist of treating the carpenter bee holes and the exterior perimeter. Thomas Pest Services provides service throughout the Capital Region in Albany, Columbia, Fulton, Reneeslear, Saratoga, Schenectady, Warren and Washington Counties. Please contact us for a free estimate today or visit our website for more information on stinging insects or help in getting rid of carpenter bees.

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