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Below are common rodent facts to help you understand mice, along with getting rid of these rodents and rodent removal.

House mice, like other rodents, don’t vomit.

Mice can live in a lab for approximately two years, but usually only live about five months in the wild. Predators, such as cats, snakes and foxes make the wild a far more dangerous place.

Even the smallest amount of mouse urine is capable of triggering allergies in humans. This is particularly true in children whose immune systems are still developing.

The house mouse is the most common of all rodents. A female house mouse can give birth to a dozen babies every three weeks. That’s approximately 150 baby mice in a year.

Deer mice have been identified as occasional vectors of Lyme Disease and Hantavirus, making their control and management especially important near human habitation where these diseases are prevalent.

The color of the house mouse depends on its habitat; if it lives indoors it usually will be dark gray with a light gray stomach; outdoors it’s most often a sandy brown color.

One of the least recognized ways in which mice can be pests; they gnaw on wiring creating a fire hazard.

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