Debunking Some Mice Myths

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Have you ever watched an episode of Myth Busters on television? The premise of the show is to take ‘myths’ that many people have assumed are true and through scientific experiments prove whether or not they are. It is amazing to see the myths that are ‘busted,’ and the ones that are actually true. Myths typically begin with, “I’ve always heard” or “I’ve been told” or “Grampy always said” and then you fill in the blank. Why are we so quick to believe what we hear anyway? Especially with absolutely no proof to back it up!

Have you ever been told when you were young that the earthworm you just accidentally cut in two with the shovel will now regenerate into two complete healthy worms? Yeah, me too; many people have actually grown up to believe that myth without even giving it a second thought. The truth is, earthworms are complex creatures and they require all of their organs and such in order to survive. When an earthworm is cut asunder, it will die. Period.

Mice are no exception when it comes to myths. There are plenty of high tales told that simply aren’t true. Have you ever been told that a mouse’s favorite food is cheese? Well, that simply isn’t true. Mice will choose peanut butter over cheese any day. In fact, mice have a super keen sense of smell and strong cheeses are actually a turn off for them. They seem to prefer grains and sugar to cheese as well.

Have you heard the one, yet, that mice don’t have bladders so they just run around peeing all the time? Yup, you guessed it – a myth. Mice do, indeed, have bladders. The fact is that mice do urinate a lot, but it is not because they don’t have bladders. They are tiny creatures; and, therefore, they have tiny bladders.

The one thing about mice that is not a myth, though, is the disease and damage that occurs because of them. Rodents are known to carry more than 35 diseases directly and many more indirectly through the fleas, mites, and ticks they carry. Another truth is the fact that mice cause an estimated 40% of the ‘fires of unknown origin’ in the U.S. each year by chewing through wires once they are inside your home.

Here is another mouse fact for you: mice must go! A mouse in the house may be a good title for a movie or book, but it certainly would be a horror movie if you are talking about your house!

The final mouse fact for today is: Thomas Pest Services offers highly trained technicians, Eco-friendly products, and state-of-the-art technologies to fight your mouse infestation. In fact, we have been protecting homes and businesses since 1949; and we bring all of that experience and expertise to every job we do. Give us a call today for your free estimate and keep your home rodent-free this winter any beyond.

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