Coronavirus Safety

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Coronavirus Safety | A message to our customers:


Thomas Pest Services understands the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surround the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and remains committed to being responsive to your needs. The health and well-being of our staff, customers and the communities we service is our priority.

As the seriousness of this virus increases, all our employees have been instructed to follow the CDC’s best practices, including frequent hand washing, limiting proximity to sick individuals, and being aware of the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. While this has not been an issue for Thomas Pest Services, we will also implement 14-day quarantines for any employees who show symptoms or are diagnosed with COVID-19. We encourage you to do the same.

Visit our website and follow us on social media for updates as this situation evolves. For additional information about COVID-19, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the New York Department of Health. We encourage you to continue to support your local small businesses, like ours, as we all navigate uncharted waters. Thank you for being a part of our Thomas Pest Services family.

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