Clover Mites Infesting Saratoga NY Homes

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What are those tiny red spots?

Clover mites are tiny arachnids that appear during the spring and fall when they migrate into dwellings by mistake. Clover mites are 1/64th inch long, soft, oval and vary in color from rusty brown to dark red. Clover mites have very long front legs.

Clover mites are harmless and cannot bite or sting. Clover mites are more of a nuisance pest because their presence and populations. Clover mites reproduce outdoors and seen indoors after they have wandered inside. Clover mites feed on plants, sap, grasses and clover, favoring healthy, well-fertilized grass.

What do you do about clover mites inside?

Clover mites inside enter through tiny cracks and crevices. Once inside, clover mites tend to congregate on or around windows, doors, and wall areas. Once indoors can be removed from surfaces with a vacuum cleaner. Avoid wiping the clover mites as crushing them often creates an undesirable and durable brown stain.

What do you do about clover mites outdoors?

Clover mites can be found on the exterior on sunny portions of the home especially shingles, roof, siding, sidewalks and bricks. Outside, these insects gather underneath bark at the base of trees, in lawns, and around algae- or mold-covered areas like roofs and cracks.

What can you do to get rid of clover mites?

Clover mite treatments in Saratoga NY and surrounding areas are usually focused around the outside of the home to prevent the mites from going inside. Contact your Saratoga pest control professional to get rid of pests effectively.

How can you prevent clover mites outside?

  • Avoid over-feeding your lawn. Over watering your lawn can create conditions that are perfect for mold and other fungi that can attract the mites. Too much fertilizer can cause a similar problem.
  • Remove the vegetation from the perimeter of your house. Grass and weeds within 18 to 24 inches should be dug up and cleared away. Clover mites need plant material to survive, and by removing it will reduce the likelihood of having the infestation spread to your home. Leave this area bare or you can cover them with mulch or gravel, which often turn mites away because it is difficult to crawl over.
  • Place the right vegetation around your home to repel clover mites. Mite-repelling flowers include geranium, zinnia, marigold, salvia, rose, chrysanthemum, and petunia. Mite-repelling shrubs include barberry, juniper, spruce, arborvitae, and yew.

Avoid clover mite infestations and get rid of clover mites with Thomas Pest Services, your Ballston Spa pest control professional. Clover mites, those tiny red bugs are not harmful, but can be a major nuisance. If you are having a clover mite problem in the Albany NY area, contact Thomas Pest Services for a clover mite solution today!

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