Celebrity demolishes home due to termites

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What would you do if you had to demolish your home? On top of it, you moved in the home last year and spent 12 million dollars? I think I would cry! Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' ex-wife, bulldozed her $12 million oceanfront mansion due to code issues, extensive termites and carpenter ants issues.

In a few short months, winter will be over in the Capital Region and it will be spring. Spring time is the season for termites and carpenter ants.

Check out below key indications of termites and carpenter ants:


  • Mud tunnels. Termites travel through tunnels to get to and from their food source. Mud tunnels appear as a line of sawdust or sand on a wall, near the ground.
  • Soft wood. Termites prefer to feed on soft, rather than hardwoods. If wood has cracks, crevices, is sinking or getting hollow, have an inspection to check the wood.

Carpenter Ants:

  • Frass. Carpenter ants hollow out wood in order to make a suitable nesting site. As ants hollow out wood, they kick out wood shavings known as frass.
  • Sound. Carpenter ants sound like rustling cellophane.

The threat of termites and carpenter ants are very real in our area and should be taken seriously. Towns like Queensbury, Saratoga, Clifton Park, Troy and other neighborhoods are prone to wood destroying insects. Purchasing a home is often the largest investment a person or family makes and deserves to be protected. Wood destroying insects may be a problem in your neighborhood, let us perform a free inspection today. Visit our website to learn more about termites or carpenter ants, or visit us on Facebook.

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