Celebrities who Eat Insects

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The recent story about a man who passed away from eating cockroaches this week has been circulating the internet. Edward Archbold had just won a cockroach-eating contest at a reptile store in South Florida when he began vomiting and was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. But eating bugs—whether for a contest or just as part of dinner—isn’t as far out as many might think. Insects are considered delicacies all around the world, and many celebrities indulge in the occasional creepy crawly. The Daily Beast takes a look at the stars who will eat a cricket or a worm from time to time.

  • Angelina Jolie shared her children, Maddox and Pax enjoy chomping on crickets. “My boys love to eat crickets,” shared their mom, Angelina Jolie. “They ate them like Doritos.” Jolie herself has snacked on a few, saying they’re like potato chips.
  • Curtis Stone. The celebrity chef can’t shake the memory have having to chow down on some worms during a taping of Bravo’s Top Chef.
  • Salma Hayek told David Letterman that insects have been a part of her diet and culinary heritage—since she was a child. “These little ants fried are amazing with a little guacamole,” Hayek said. “And the worms, there are many different recipes for those. The little grasshoppers have a smoky flavor to them.
  • Jessica Simpson traveled the world looking for answers as to what defines beauty for her VH1 reality series The Price of Beauty. The first episode took her to Thailand, where in an effort to boost her metabolism, she tried to eat a few bugs from a street vendor.
  • How far will Jessica Biel go to promote a movie? She’ll eat a chocolate-covered cricket on The Tonight Show. The gambit was part of Jay Leno’s “Earn Your Plug” bit, where celebrities have to earn the right to publicize their movies.
  • Zac Efron says he likes eating exotic foods, and he put his fondness for the bizarre on display when he dropped by the George Lopez show in 2010. Scorpion on toast? No problem! “It's really good,” said Efron. Taiwanese cricket? “That is the best one,” the actor enthused. But Efron met his match with the Super Worm Cocktail, a concoction of creepy crawlers marinated in lime juice in a martini glass. That one was “the worst,” he said.
  • Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Danny Watkins took a friendly bets eating a cricket. For his efforts, Watkins raked in a cool $120.

Before snacking on any insects, you may want to think again….On that note, you may be surprised on the amount of insects/pest particles found in everyday food. An Ohio University fact sheet estimates that we eat from one to two pounds of insects each year. Cheers, and eat at your own risk!

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