Carpet Beetles

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Early spring is when most people discover that they have carpet beetles. Adult beetles merges from pupation and head for light and windows in an attempt to get outside where they feed on flowering plants and mate. Only carpet larvae, not adults feed on carpets, fabrics, hairs, hides, dead insects, etc.

What do carpet beetles look like?

  • Adult beetles are tiny, 1/16 to 1/8 inch long and round in shape.
  • Each species has a distinctive calico coloration of black, brown, white, yellow and reddish-orange.
  • Carpet beetle larvae is yellow-brown, about ¼ inch long and covered with bristly hairs.
  • Carpet beetle larvae avoids light, likes to remain hidden and are rarely noticed. You will find their shed skins.

How do you get carpet beetles?

Most carpet beetle infestations are simply a result of less than fastidious vacuuming, especially homes with pets. A combination of hair, lint and food crumbs is the most common food source for carpet beetle larvae.

Where should you look for carpet beetles?

  • Check areas where pet and human hair accumulates and that are rarely vacuumed. (Animal bedding, sleeping areas, under/behind furniture, along baseboards, heat registers and hidden corners)
  • Check woolen rugs (bottom side) and woolen items in storage.
  • Look at animal furs, hides and trophies.
  • If there has been a rodent problem, carpet beetles will feed on rodent-hoarders pet food, rodent nest and dead rodents.
  • Check the attic for accumulations of dead insects like lady beetles or stink bugs.
  • Look for bird or bat nests that might be inside the structure. When animals abandon the nest, carpet beetles in the best may move to new sites.
  • Outside look for flowering plants around the homes foundation. Carpet beetles favor dogwood, crape myrtle, buckwheat daisy to name a few.
  • Look for old honey bee or wasps nests that could contain carpet beetles.

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