Carpenter Bees Boring Holes

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Has this ever happened to you? You are outside minding your own business and all of a sudden bees are diving bombing you…well, that’s our friend, the carpenter bee. The carpenter bee is similar looking to the bumblebee, but not a social insect. Carpenter bees love log cabins and wood sided homes in the Saratoga, Edinburgh and surrounding areas in the Northeast. Learn more about these critters so you have the upper hand in the battle against them.

What do carpenter bees look like?

  • 1/2 to 1 inch long, with black and yellow or, rarely, black and orange body markings.

Do carpenter bees sting?

  • The male carpenter bee is unable to sting, which is most often noticed compared to the female. A common behavior of the males is to approach people if they move quickly or wave a hand in the air.
  • The female however, is capable of stinging but seldom does. She must be extremely provoked before she will sting.

Where do carpenter bees nest?

  • Carpenter bees construct their nests in trees or in frame buildings. If you see a number of large bees hovering near the eaves of the house or drilling in wood, you have carpenter bees.

What damage do carpenter bees do?

  • Carpenter ants damage wood from the drilling activities they engage in. Over the course of many year carpenter bees will expand their tunnel through branching activities and may cause considerable structural damage. Additionally, they will commonly defecate on the wall or other item directly below the opening causing stains.

What are the circular holes in my eaves?

  • A carpenter bee begins her nest by drilling a nearly perfectly round entrance hole (about 1/2 inch diameter) into the wood. This hole is usually against the grain of the wood. When the tunnel is about 1 inch deep, the bee turns at right angles to the initial hole and tunnels with the grain of the wood. Bees prefer to attack wood that is greater than two inches thick.

Do carpenter bees eat wood?

  • Carpenter bees do not eat wood. They excavate the tunnels for shelter and as chambers in which to rear their young. They usually attack unpainted objects such as doors, windowsills, roof eaves, shingles, railings, telephone poles, and sometimes wooden lawn furniture.

If you think carpenter bees have invaded your home, contact your local pest control company right away. Carpenter bee problems should be treated by a professional to prevent further damage and prevent attracting pests, like woodpeckers. Carpenter bee treatments consist of treating the carpenter bee holes and exterior perimeter. Thomas Pest Services provides service throughout the Capital Region in Albany, Columbia, Fulton, Reneeslear, Saratoga, Schenectady, Warren and Washington Counties. Please contact us for a free estimate today or visit our website for more information on stinging insects or help in getting rid of carpenter bees.


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