Carpenter Ants Are A Pest That New York Homeowners Need To Watch For

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Oh, New York. The state of long winters and about 5 weeks of what can be considered summer. With an average of 12 days in the year which go above the 90-degree mark, it should be safe to assume that most insects you’d expect in other parts of the U.S. wouldn’t be as much of a problem here. While that might be true for a lot of other insects, carpenter ants are not among them. What many people don’t know is that carpenter ants remain active throughout the entire year, continuing to happily chew away at the wood in your home.

Much of the time, homeowners might not be aware of the fact that carpenter ants are in their home because these ants don’t cause an extensive amount of damage in the beginning. It often takes several years for their constant chewing to start tampering with the structural integrity of a home, and by the time it gets to that point, the damage they’ve done can be extremely costly to repair.

Some of the damage they have done to homes across the states have cost individual homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Much like termites, carpenter ants chew away at the wooden structures in your home. The damage they cause includes flooring, walls, ceilings, and the structural beams that support your home.

Letting these insects live and thrive within the walls of your home for several years is not in your best interest. Here are a few things you can look for that might help you catch carpenter ants before extensive damage occurs.

  • Carpenter ants prefer wet or moist wood, making the wood around your foundation and piping a common problem area. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other areas that may have small amounts of leakage might be attracting ants to those areas.
  • Frass near entry points is a very recognizable sign that carpenter ants have taken up residence in your home. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, they chew through it the way termites do. But then they push the “sawdust” out of their tunnels.
  • Because carpenter ants don’t eat the wood in your home, they have to forage into your cabinets or back outside for food. So if you see ants in your food or crawling across your floor in ones or twos, it could be an indicator of a carpenter ant infestation.

If you see signs of carpenter ants, it is always better to call a pest control expert than to assume one or two ants won’t cause much of a problem. At Thomas Pest Services, we only provide solutions that are effective. We understand that your pest problem is specific to you, and that’s why we are diligent about always figuring out a solution that is best for your home. Contact Thomas Pest Services today to ask about all our residential pest control options.

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