Carpenter Ant Populations Die Off During Winter Right?

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When evidence of carpenter ants appears in a home, it is easy to shrug it off. While carpenter ants are the largest ants that get into homes, they're still pretty small. And carpenter ants can feed on a wide selection of food. That means they don't need to raid your pantry and your kitchen cabinets to get a bite to eat. They can find all they need on the outside of your home. So, homeowners don't typically see a hundred carpenter ants swarming a trash can or covering a box of cereal in the cabinet. It is usually only a single scout ant crawling around, here and there. Carpenter ants are also nocturnal insects. If they are to find a food source inside your home, you may never know about it, as they will often forage at night and be gone before the sun rises. As we get closer to winter, there are more reasons you should not ignore carpenter ants, let's take a closer look. 

If you've seen a few ants here and there, you may be tempted to think, "Why bother taking care of those carpenter ants? The winter cold will kill them off." But that couldn't be further from the truth. Every spring, you find ants in your yard. That's because ants know how to hide from the winter cold. Carpenter ants are no different. In fact, they have an advantage over other ants--especially if they've established themselves in your wall voids. Those carpenter ants will be snug as a bug in your walls, all winter long.

When pests appear, you should never shrug them off, especially when they are a wood-chewing pest that can eat away at your equity all winter long. While it is possible for carpenter ants to be somewhat dormant during the winter, under the right conditions, they can actively damage your home even when temperatures outside are well below freezing.

If you're seeing carpenter ants this fall, and you're in our New York service area, let the professionals here at Thomas Pest Services take a look at the issue and offer you an effective solution that will safeguard your investment from these pests. Thomas Pest Services is an industry-leading pest control provider that has earned the QualityPro seal of excellence from the National Pest Management Association. You can trust our team of educated professionals to take care of your pest problem, every time.

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