Can New Insulation Really Make A Difference?

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Not only can new insulation make a difference, you're going to be blown away at how much of a difference it can really make. What is even more exciting is that you don't have to replace your old insulation to get all the benefits of this new insulation.

The Benefits Of TAP Pest Insulation

  • Do you like saving money? The first way TAP is going to be a benefit to you is by lowering those painful energy bills. TAP is a blown insulation. When applied on top old insulation it fills gaps and adds a layer that resists heat transfer. Homeowners typically see a 20-38% savings after having TAP installed.

  • We don't like to think about it, but pests can become a major problem if we don't protect ourselves against them. Termites can get in to eat away at our support beams, roaches can get in to spread illness, and other creatures can get in to bite us. TAP insulation has natural borates that kill household pests on contact and are scientifically tested to resist termites. These borates will also soil the belly of any invading rodents. If you're looking to protect your home and your family from pest invasion, TAP is the right insulation to choose.

  • One of the biggest threats a homeowner can face is the danger of a house fire. It damages your property, destroys valuable keepsakes, and can cost the life of a family member or pet. TAP insulation is fire retardant. When fire spreads to your wall voids or attic spaces, it will move slower through your home. Giving emergency personnel more time to get to you.

  • Mold is another major issue a family can have to deal with in a home. It can cause mysterious illness and plague a family for years. TAP is EPA tested to be resistant to fungi.

  • TAP insulation is also Eco-friendly. It is made from recycled paper and is not irritating to your eyes and hands. If you need to get up into your attic for something, you're going to be glad this insulation is covering that old fiberglass.

As you can see, TAP Pest Insulation is absolutely amazing. But, we have something even more amazing to tell you. On Dec. 17, 2015, lawmakers in Washington passed a law that extends energy provisions to both individuals and businesses that include insulation installation, which provides a credit of up to 10 percent on qualifying expense, with a cap of $500. So, not only is TAP an incredible option for your home, it is now less expensive to have installed.

Protect your home with TAP insulation and save money on your energy bills by giving us a call. It is one of the best investments for your home and family you'll ever make.

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