Bringing fleas home from the kennel

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The holidays sure passed by quickly. Holidays are a great time to spend with the ones you love. Sometimes spending time with the ones you love involves traveling.

Some pet owners choose to board their pets at kennels or leave them with someone to accommodate travel schedules. Plenty of pests pose health risks to humans, but pests can be dangerous for your beloved family members.

Kennels host a large volume of animals. Not all owners treat their pets with flea and tick medication. Therefore, it becomes extremely easy for another person’s animal to bring fleas into the kennel, thereby affecting surrounding pets. Fleas are capable of jumping distances up to 13 inches, so your pet doesn’t even have to come in direct contact with an infected animal to become afflicted by fleas.

No matter the season, maintaining your pet’s flea and tick medication is important. Fleas can lie dormant in pre-adult larvae and pupae stages for up to six months. This means a flea infestation during summer could still have eggs that will mature into adults. Wham! Your pet and your home now have a flea issue. Every month mark your calendar as a reminder to treat your pet. Our bed bug canine Promise prefers topical treatments, carefully placed drops between the shoulder blades to keep her pest free.

If you have noticed any fleas in your home, contact your local pest control professional immediately. Thomas Pest is a family-owned and operated pest management company offering pest control service in Saratoga, Lake George and surrounding areas with third generation experience. If you live in Saratoga, Lake George, or elsewhere in the Capital Region, call Thomas Pest Services at 1.877.518.BUGS (2847), or Facebook.

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