Box Elder Beetles, Cluster Flies, Stink Bugs – OverWintering Pests that bug Albany Homeowners

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Occasional Invaders are ornamental pests and are primarily associated with hemlock trees and lawn areas on the outside of your structure. Occasional Invaders are seasonal pests and include: Cluster Flies, Wasps, Western Conifers, Box Elder Beetles, Stink Bugs and even Ladybeetles.

When temperatures start to plummet, generally after Labor Day, these occasional invaders seek winter harborage into structures to get out from the cold. These pest want to take a winter vacation inside wall voids, generally associated on the south and west sides of the structure due to the warmth from the sun. When the radiant heat from the sun warms up wall voids, these pests emerge and become a nuisance.

Treatment consists of two categories: Preventative and Corrective treatment.

Preventative Treatment:

The best time to treat for Occasional Invaders is August 15th through September 15th, depending on your geographic location. The key is to place a residual on the exterior of the structure before the temperatures drop too low and these occasional invaders have a chance to seek winter harborage.

Thomas Pest Services utilities materials primarily made up from chrysanthemum flowers. We apply this material onto the higher portions of the structure and around windows to set up a protective barrier, which helps deter these pests from entering your structure.

Corrective Treatment:

Unfortunately, if you waited and have these pests inside, they have already entered the structure. As stated, Occasional Invaders over winter and nest inside your siding, attic and wall voids. They may often be seen congregating on south and west sides of the structures where the sun is the warmest.

Thomas Pest Services recommends a Void Injection Treatment, which consists of injecting materials into voids, leaving a residual to help control these pests when moving around.

We choose this void injection method because this procedure is injected into inaccessible areas where there is no accessible or exposure. We have also found that this method uses reduces materials and is most environmentally sound.

Unfortunately the window of opportunity to preventively treat your home is short and some may still get in. If box elder bugs, lady bugs, cluster flies appear, contact Thomas Pest Services, your Albany pest management provider. With third generation experience, Thomas Pest Services is a local, family owned company protecting homes in Chatham, East Greenbush, Colonie, Schenectady, Clifton Park, Saratoga and beyond! Please contact us today for a free pest control evaluation available!

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