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When I think about summer time, I think about boating! Living in and around the Capital Region, there are so many places to boat from Kinderhook Lake, Mohawk River, Saratoga Lake, Lake George and Sacandaga Lake. No matter how much time you spend on the water the last thing you need or want is unwanted pests! Boating Pests should certainly not irrupt your cruising time.

Pests that can invade your boat:

  • Birds, have been known to make nests in air intake vents and hoses.
  • Rodents, will invade and make their home inside your vessel.
  • Ants, use dock lines and power cords as highways to come aboard.
  • Spiders, enjoy living on aboard in shaded places. Spiders always love to build their webs in the lines.
  • Stinging insects, are elements of the outdoors and can build nests and sting.

How do you prevent boating pests on your boat?

  • Avoid storing items in cardboard. Pests, like roaches love to hide in between the cardboard panels, and you will soon be infested. Transfer goods to tight fitting plastic containers before you move them to the cabin. Take cardboard boxes ashore to the dumpster as soon as you're done.
  • Place food items in seal tight bags or containers. Transfer foods from paper boxes and bags into tight sealing containers. Smaller size dry foods can go into air-tight plastic bags. Zip the bag up most of the way, stick a straw in the remaining space, and suck out the air. This extends shelf life and preserves freshness.
  • Cleaning. Clean up crumbs and spills right away to make your boat less attractive to pests. Clean the interior and exterior of the boat even during the season to remove any conducive conditions that pest love.

Insects thrive in warm, moist environments, exactly what marine life is! Check your boat frequently for damage prior, during and after the season. Ants, bees, spiders are just some of the summer pests that can invade your boat or ruin your boating adventure. Thomas Pest Services is your pest expert in Northeast New York serving towns in and around Kinderhook, Clifton Park, Albany, Saratoga, Edinburgh and Lake George. Contact us today, for a pest solution that meets your family and pest needs, so you can enjoy your summer without bothersome pests.

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