Best Bed Bug Prevention Tips Of 2017

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Just because it is wintertime doesn’t mean we should stop worrying about insect infestation. The holidays are actually a prime time for pests like bed bugs to thrive and multiply, as travel all across the United States increases to levels unparalleled throughout the rest of the year. A year where pest infestations reached all-time highs has led to people finding new and improved prevention steps. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 best bed bug prevention tips we’ve compiled after a treacherous 2017:

  1. Perhaps the best solution when it comes to do-it-yourself removal or prevention is the simplest solution: Vacuuming. Vacuuming your carpets and furniture frequently helps to ensure there are no eggs or larvae hiding in or around your home. A common misconception is that bed bugs are confined to our bedding only. This is not the case. Bed bug infestations in our homes are often found in pet bedding, furniture, and blankets.

  2. Pick up your stuff! No, seriously. The fewer hiding places bed bugs have, the better. Removing clutter gets rid of extra shelter areas for pests to hide out in. Be sure to keep the home tidy and you’ll be able to spot an infestation quicker, leading to an easier job of removal.

  3. Don’t bring second-hand furniture or linens into your home unless you know they’ve been thoroughly cleaned. Just a single egg can lead to an infestation if unchecked, so it’s best not to bring in any linens from another home or outlet without knowing that they’ve been thoroughly cleaned in a washer and dryer. The highest temperature setting will kill off bed bugs and most other pests.

  4. Similar to #3, wash your clothes and bedding regularly. Be sure to use a high-temperature wash and high-heat dry cycle for optimum success when trying to kill off or prevent a possible bed bug infestation.

  5. Use a protective cover on mattresses. Having a protective cover will keep bed bugs from squeezing into seams and make a more permanent home in your mattress or pillows. Such a simple solution will actually reduce the risk of large infestation and can go a long way in minimizing the bed bug population in your home. If they can’t settle in, you’ll be able to vacuum them up much more easily.

These 5 steps are all things that you can do on your own, but sometimes that’s not enough. If bed bugs have foiled your prevention attempts, give the bed bug experts at Thomas Pest Services a call, we can have your home free of bed bugs in no time at all.

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